Mark McCormick Art - Brooklyn, New York
January 2009 - Present: Freelance Graphic Designer/Illustrator/Screen Printer
Manage and promote freelance business and website, cultivating and retaining ongoing relationships with many clients. Create iconic graphics, illustrations, layouts, logos and much more utilizing a variety of methods, both analog and digital. Utilize social network services to build and sustain a broad chain of international associates and connections. Screen print posters, stickers and T-shirts for customers as well as for personal sales and self-promotion. Attend trade shows to market and sell posters and other merchandise to the public. Write invoices and maintain all billing, accounting and legal contracts for sole proprietorship.

LF USA - New York, New York
August 2009 - Present: Graphic Designer/Illustrator - Zoo York, Tapout and Avirex Clothing Brands
Work with design teams to research, develop and produce apparel graphics for multiple clothing brands. Assist with seasonal concept and trend direction, research shopping, inspiration boards, etc. Analyze, renew and present “DNA” for evolving clothing brands. Execute new seasonal graphics for a variety of T-shirts, labels, tags, stickers, fleece, knits, wovens, patches and bottoms. Follow up with production team, creating tech packs and communicating with factories to ensure delivery of quality apparel. Approve all development and production samples for apparel graphics and treatments.

Axelle Fine Arts, Ltd - Brooklyn, New York
November 2008 - July 2009: Screen Printer/Production Artist
Assisted printers and artists with operation of large format screen printing presses to curate multiple exclusive fine art print series. Prepared digital files and output transparencies, as well as exposed, prepared, cleaned and reclaimed screens.

Mad Pakyderms, LLC - Portland, Oregon
June 2005 - September 2008: Partner/Graphic Designer/Illustrator/Screen Printer
Started, owned and managed small graphic design business. Created and licensed graphics and illustrations for bands and businesses. Worked with partner to develop and implement company identity, website and online store as well as managed all accounting. Physically built, managed and helped to coordinate projects for small screen printing shop. Attended trade shows to market and sell posters and other merchandise to the public. Conceptualized, coordinated and promoted multiple art events.

Oregon Screen Impressions - Portland, Oregon
November 2000 - August 2008: Graphic Designer/Illustrator/Production Designer/Screen Printer
Worked directly with CEO restructuring internal Art Department to offer quality in-house graphic design services. Redesigned OSI corporate brand identity, implementing logo applications for signage, stationary and promotional needs. Designed apparel graphics for many clientele, including Rebel Skates, Bridge Pedal, Bicycle Transportation Alliance, MBSEF and BSA. Developed apparel line, print graphics and catalogs for internal clothing brand Go Fish Outfitters, as well as other clientele. Performed press checks and set up digital screen printing separation files for a wide range of graphics and applications. Output transparencies for exposing production screens and operated automatic and manual screen printing presses. Organized film, electronic files, and performed computer maintenance for Art Department.